Intellectual invasion can be described as a kind of ethical twisting and indirect form of monstering system. It seems to originate from the disparaging ethical policy known as “make space and fill it,” which closely relates to the political disfigurement policy known as “divide and rule.” This political system uses several maneuvers, including brain drain and misleading the growing minds. Adolescents are immersed in waves of drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution, and procrastination, while the effectiveness of educated youth and middle-aged persons are targeted for destruction and delinquency. 

Brain drain is a widespread phenomenon challenging the developing country’s talented persons by making them either good for nobody and nothing or suitable for a developed country and not for their motherland. Besides millions of monthly emigrants from developing and war-torn countries to developed countries, several self-sponsorship programs target to invite skilled persons to come to developed countries without any condition other than to show their certificates. However, that good intention soon turns into a lousy intention. 

The skilled person comes to the country of destination but cannot start working due to unexpected and unforeseen/told barriers between him/her and the job industry. In the first one to two years, they must be busy adjusting themselves to the country. In the next two years, they must seek and select where and how to upgrade their skills. The luckiest, most talented person may succeed in upgrading their original credentials within two years after four to six years of waiting and processing. However, they still need to obtain a license to be eligible to practice their skills. They will be examined and could fail and repeat more than once. 

Even after they pass, they can only practice their skills with at least two years of local experience (e.g., Canadian Experience and then Ontario Experience) regarding how their new country works. Moreover, if they delay joining the job industry, they must start everything from scratch due to technological changes. Most technical professions change almost yearly as new electronic methods are innovated and developed. For instance, if the skilled person is a technician, Pilot, medical doctor, or engineer, they must always be stepping up 

with modern and sophisticated technologies. That may make the total of the wasted years 10 to 12 years. Obviously, after 12 years, the former talented person is not talented and qualified anymore. But he or she is a brokenhearted, despondent, defeated, and depressed person. To survive and avoid being vulnerable to homelessness, he/she ends up in the labor industry if he is saved from being a loser. Many former professionals ended up in and out of hospitals after their brains were drained into shallow trenches. 

This destructive political scheme seems to have originated from the old style of waging guerrilla wars, conquering nations, enslaving people, confiscating their properties, and misleading human mannerisms. Its non-officiated programs operate under three intellectual and moral destruction stages to create misbehaving conduct. These three stages could be stated as follows: 

1. To clear out the hearts of the young generation from believing and practicing any religion, culture, and good morality. 

2. To fill in the brainwashed young generation’s mind and heart, the attempted foreign culture, literature, desire, belief, and ideology are the elements prepared to spread around. 

3. To demolish the existence of the youth’s both mental and physical good qualities. 

4. To succeed in these goals, there are several strategies used. Among them are religious radicalism, terrorism, religious disregard, Islamophobia, atheism, and viewing religion as backwardness. The combination of these goals destroys the young people’s pure spirits, ways of thinking, and affections while making them busy in petty and adversary activities, which lure them to psychotic behaviors. 

The following reasons would be among the chief causes of the modern youth’s crisis to delinquency forms stemming from intellectual invasion: Islamic scholars’ failure to disseminate Islam’s correct/original version. Here, the question would be, which version of Islam is genuine? Factual Islam is based on peace, security, mercy, compassion, tranquility, human equality, protection of human rights, unconditional love, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, prosperity, development, and disseminating only the good while preventing all wrongdoings/ sayings as well as ways leading to mischievous. A Muslim person’s culture must be encircled with the fundamental human rights that Islam came to protect and propagate. These are human life, property, intellect, dignity, faith/belief, and lineage/citizenship. 

In the Qur’an, no single word encourages killing human beings, except for two reasons, where there is no other way to prevent killing such a life. These are, first, self-defense when it comes to either getting killed or killing your attacker, mainly in a direct open war of aggression. Second, suppose an official authority has issued a court verdict regarding the death penalty of life for a life. In that case, when there is no other choice but to resort to execution of the sentence only after exhausting all the possible ways to save a given intentional murderer’s life, the death penalty can be executed. There is no other reason to drop human blood. 

However, the fabricated narrative versions encourage and even command everybody to kill as many as possible of the society under various names and reasons with 

various manmade justifications: apostasy, infidel, suspected of spying, homosexuality, committing fornication, working with rival groups or government, interpreting Islam in a way other than that of the society’s majority, and more. In original and accurate Islam, none of these cases falls under capital or soft punishment. Of all the above cases, only two may deserve some form of discipline – adultery in public. To avoid having sexual intercourse in the public street, God ordained flogging 100 times anyone who was proven guilty of such an immoral action. Second, anyone found guilty of spying for rival arms can be sentenced in a discretionary way according to the level of his crime. Today, that is a universal law applied wherever it is applicable. The offenders of the rest are not even considered criminals or delinquents. 

1. Inexpert and inexperienced self-styled clerics who pretend or consider themselves Islamic scholars 

2. Dictatorship rulers in almost all the Muslim states oppose the display of accurate Islam out of fear of their power. 

3. Wealthy Muslim companies and individuals never attempt to finance the teaching of faithful Islam or any activity that may be broadcast. 

4. Counter-terrorism state and non-state agencies (mainly those that fall under the USA’s leadership) never bother to distinct the teaching of true Islam from the fabricated one. Meanwhile, the fabricated version of Islam overwhelmed the true one. Substantially, it became indispensable for Muslim youth to face collective and double-faced punishment in two ways: one is being suspect of terrorism, and the other is being susceptible to terrorism influence. 

5. As a part of human nature and culture, Muslims will continue seeking Islamic knowledge under any circumstance. If they are not provided with teaching true Islam, they would learn some artificial storytelling lessons, which may resemble Islam, even though inaccurate. 

6. Responsible people with good intentions are deselected or exhausted from inviting good deeds to the young generation in one way or another. 

7. Specific individuals of the young generation became confused about Islamic knowledge by receiving contradicting teachings. 

8. Young and high-level Muslim students remained confused about how to align Islamic knowledge and ordainments with modern scientific studies. These clean-hearted young students often end up in dilemmas and perplexing situations. 

9. Disagreement among Muslim intellectuals led Muslim civilians to segregate amongst themselves and divide themselves into rival groups. 

10. Non-religious and often non-ethical leaders rule Most Muslim countries. They rule their people with iron hands without making tangible progress and do not prepare job opportunities for the young and upcoming generations. When the country’s economic status falls to its nadir and unemployment peaks, the public rebels. There, these rulers set curfews and indiscriminately banned gatherings. They may first 

target religious congregations before political gatherings. They resist Islamic studies due to fear of their power. 

11. Another preamble issue is the failure of some Islamic movements, where several untrained and uncivilized religious groups became failures due to a lack of political vision and pre-requisite preparedness. They often strode out with the emotional revolution of Islamism and eventually ended up being eliminated. Such reckless missions demoralized most young Muslim generations and caused them to exhaust from Islamic affairs. 

12. Conformism idea, which is to behave passiveness and fail to clarify their personal or public needs out of assertiveness 

13. General measures of poverty and backwardness engulfed almost all Muslim states, communities, clans, families, and individuals. 

14. Selfishness in those who are wealthy among the Muslim nations, where they view every matter avariciously, is among the outstanding sicknesses. 

15. A contradiction between the empirical situation of society and the written Islamic ethics is also a great matter. 

16. Among the Muslim youth, there is a psychological inner comparison and competition between the past and the present. 

17. The contradiction between nationality and Muslim Hood priority is another relevant concern. 

18. Muslim scholars and local clerics are gradually exhausted from Islamic teachings, which would lead to mounting the norms of pure conduct. 

19. Young people are exposed to reckless influences demonstrated by certain ill-practiced individuals in the form of indirectly mentoring them for the wrong path instead of the right one. 

20. Misunderstanding of gender relations among most Muslim societies is an apparent crisis. This is one of the main reasons that led some groups of Muslims to lose their efforts in gender segregation. Similarly, the efforts of those groups who emphasized the segregation of males and females came to no avail. The same may apply to those who encouraged the free mixing of the two sexes. 

21. Muslim students are taught critical thinking in schools and universities. This critical thinking may concern God’s existence. However, most Muslim teachers and parents avoid or repugnant to teach or talk about the existence of God out of fear. Due to their lack of preparedness and pre-requisite awareness, Muslim youth may be overpowered in knowledge and dialogue ethics. Unfortunately, this topic is not officially discussed among Muslims even though Allah Himself repeatedly narrated the theme in the Qur’an. For instance, in the Qur’anic chapter called the “Cow” (Al-Baqara), God mentioned at least two stories of the same coin. A layman sincerely questioned the power of God over resurrecting 

dead bodies, and God showed him practically. Allah says: 

“Or [consider such an example] as the one who passed by a township which had fallen into ruin. He said, “How will Allāh bring this to life after its death?” So Allāh caused him to die for a hundred years; then He revived him. He said, “How long have you remained?” He [the man] said, “I have remained a day or part of a day.” He said, “Rather, you have remained one hundred years. Look at your food and your drink; it has not changed with time. And look at your donkey, and We will make you a sign for the people. And look at the bones [of this donkey] – how We raise them and then We cover them with flesh.” And when it became clear to him, he said, “I know that Allāh is over all things competent” (Qur’an: AlBaqara (Cow): 259). 

Prophet Ibrahim, one of the major Prophets ever sent by Allah, was concerned about the same power, and Allah showed it to him practically. Allah says: “And ārememberā when Abraham said, “My Lord! Show me how you give life to the dead.” Allah responded, “Do you not believe?” Abraham replied, “Yes, I do, but just so my heart can be reassured.” Allah said, “Then bring four birds, train them to come to you, then cut them into pieces, ā and scatter them on different hilltops. Then call them back; they will fly to you in haste. And āso you willā know that Allah is Almighty, All- Wise” (Qur’an: AlBaqara (Cow): 260). 

Therefore, Muslims need to be aware of the intellectual invasion and its dangers and to resist it by: 

Holding firmly to the Quran and Sunnah as the sources of guidance and knowledge for Muslims. 

Seeking authentic Islamic knowledge from reliable scholars and institutions and avoiding doubtful or corrupted sources. Developing critical thinking and analytical skills enables Muslims to distinguish between truth and falsehood, right and wrong, as well as good and evil. 

Preserving the Islamic identity, culture, and heritage of Muslims and promoting them, among others. 

Strengthening the unity, cooperation, and solidarity among Muslims, regardless of their differences or backgrounds. 

Striving for the advancement, prosperity, justice, and peace of Muslim societies in accordance with Islamic values and principles. 

Engaging in constructive dialogue with other civilizations, cultures, and religions based on mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation. 

Many Muslims are apprehended of science and consider it anti-Islam. They divide education into two main sectors: Islamic studies and Secular or non-Islamic studies. This has already resulted in the emergence of a terrorist group called Boku Haram. Astonishingly, this terrorist here mobilized to ban all forms of the modern schooling education system, justifying that they are Westerners’ system and not Islamic. Nevertheless, they are unaware that the current education system was first introduced by Muslims who discovered it from the holy Qur’an. It is not in dispute that the first five universities in the world were classes used to run in Muslim mosques as Halaqat. They were pure Islamic studies administered in the Masjids by knowledgeable Muslim scholars, 

unlike what is abundant today. These five universities were: 

1. The University of Al-Karaouine, in Fes, Morocco (859AD) 

2. The University of Timbuktu, Mali (982CE) 

3. Al-Azhar University, Egypt (972AD) 

4. Fourah Bay College – University of Sierra Leone (1827) 

5. The University of Liberia (1862) 

As a result, all the branches of modern science are extracted from the Qur’an and other Islamic literature. That is why almost every scientifically proven theory conforms to Islam. Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is blind, and religion without science is lame.” In short, our young generation’s misfortune is that they need but have yet to receive proper and timely appropriate Islamic training. Coarse language is the use of improper terms to describe somebody’s personality and behavior, such as the F word (fuck), the D word (dog), the P word (pitch), the H word (ho), the N-word (niggaaa), shit, jerk, give, kafir, etc. Besides these unethical words and names such as swearing, non-stop tales, non-stop conversating, non-stop irrelevant talks, and trying to address every single issue/matter. 

The influence of modern Western traditions and non-religious customs plays a significant role in the crisis of moral conduct among Muslim youth because they are basically prepared to be docile and vulnerable to it. Morally bankrupting is an effective weapon to destroy nations without waging a physical war. It directly affects the values of their social life and may contribute to dragging them into social problems. Then, it covers their way of thinking and acting towards any side of their social lifestyle: politically, socially, economically, ideologically, and even their favorite hobbies. 

The non-Muslims carry on significant efforts and struggle to implement their intellectual invasion-based policy in almost all Muslim countries. Some Muslims blatantly argue that some private and public schools and some universities teach anti-Islam openly[1] as they spread some antisocial attitudes in their centers. Be it true or false, this kind of complaint started during the European colonials. After the colonials, most educational institutions were administered by non-Muslims, who may have had the wrong perception of Islamic ethics. As statistically reported in the late 1980s, there were 16671 institutes, 500 universities and faculties, 489 secondary schools, and 1113 childcare centers in African Muslim countries only, which were frequently reported teaching anti-Islam in one way or another [2]. 

When youth indulge in an unlimited freedom culture without proper guidelines, they may think that being free and democratic means turning to assault whoever wishes and destroying others’ properties like a crazy person. As a result of that, they easily lose their consciousness (Aqli). Aqli is a term in the Arabic Language that means shackle (tying a robe to someone, especially animals) to stop or reduce their movement. That is the term used by Allah in the Qur’an over fifty times. Teenagers and preteens may start helping their friends, elder siblings, parents, relatives, and other individuals in smoking affairs. They may go outside with them, sit down around smoking sites with them, buy cigarettes for them, turn on the lighter for them, and so on. Eventually, these small activities would inadvertently lead them to 

smoke from periodical occasions to being excessively permanent smokers. Then, smoking cigarettes would lead them to smoke marijuana and other serious drugs. Likewise, they may start drinking beer and beyond. Besides that, they may engage in frequent visits to cinemas, in which indecorous movies are played, and then they start normalizing to visit local theatres. Ultimately, they may become regular members of nightclub customers. From that place, they are already in the middle of delinquency. Statistically, almost all the literature that interviewed delinquents indicated that they frequently hung outdoors and liked visiting cinemas in their early days of delinquency involvement. 

In conclusion, the intellectual invasion has various aspects and impacts on Islam and Muslims, such as: 

1. The continuation of the Crusaders’ warfare: Some Christians and other belligerents persisted in fighting Muslims but in the strategies of intellectual invasion. This is the effort of missionaries and organizations to spread Christianity among Muslims and distort Islam’s image. They used various methods such as media, civic education, academic literature, and spreading rumors to achieve their goals. As a result, they succeeded in creating divergent sectarians and sub-divisions among Muslims to emerge as extremists and terrorist groups. 

2. The regularization of gripping Muslim lands: This is the effort made by some political and economic groups to occupy the lands of Muslims to oppress and devastate Muslims. Hence, they succeeded in forcing Muslims to immigrate into the Western world with their qualifications, skills, intellect, and physical manpower. They also standardized to falsify the Muslim’s history and heritage. All these missions are carried out in various methods such as political, economic, military, and diplomatic pressure to achieve their goals. They also try to create alliances with some Muslim countries and infiltrate their institutions. 

3. The atheist communist invasion: This is the effort of some communist regimes and ideologies to spread atheism and materialism among Muslims and to deny the existence of God. They also try to destroy the Muslim’s moral and social values to promote unlimited secularism and liberalism. 

1The researcher does not suggest destroying or condemning such institutions but competing with them universally. 2Dr: Mustafa Shamin; Buhuth wa tawsiyat nadwatu tarbiyat al-shabab al-Muslim, wa dawrul-jami’at figa; ( !st Ed: Riyadh, Sa’udia; 1988) P: 152

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