By Ali Mohammed Al-Shorafa Al Hammadi 

As detailed in the Wise Remembrance – Qur’an – Allah, the Almighty, assigned His Messenger to thoroughly convey the Noble Verses to all mankind to remind them to be prepared for certain questions that they will be asked. In this theme, I attempt to explain some of these anticipated questions. Before tracking down these questions, one must remember that Allah requires us to remain united and maintain equality. United communities and nations can vehemently worship Allah alone and reflect on His verses without worrying about conflict among them and relying on a peaceful lifestyle. There, they can regularly follow and rely on His Noble verses alone. Allah says: “And hold firmly together to the rope of Allah1 and do not be divided” (Qur’an: Al-Baqarah (The Cow): 103). 


By Ali Mohammed Al-Shorafa Al Hammadi 

Being united believers, Allah asks Muslims to reflect on the Qur’anic verses to figure out the questions that are waiting for their answers. For instance, Allah says: 

“Hold fast to that which was revealed to you; you are on the straight path. (43). The Qur’an is a reminder to you and to your people. They will be asked [whether] they believed in it and put it into practice or not (Qur’an: Al-Zukhruf (The Decoration): 43- 44). 

The lessons from which a person can acquire and benefit through the 

contemplation of this verse include: 

What are the things about the scenes of the Day of Resurrection that Allah Has taught people in advance? 

How would you, as a person, reflect each of the following ecosystems? 

How did you reflect upon the rotation of the sun, the moon, astronomical miracles, planet coordination, solar system cycles, galaxies, marvels, and more? 

How miraculously does Allah administer the movements of the earth, stars, planets, oceans, seas, and rivers?

How did Allah set forth the numerical miracles of the biodiversity and minerals 

available beneath the earth? 

How do marine biodiversity of plants, mammals, animals, and bacteria survive and reproduce? 

How Allah manages and protects various marine biotic and abiotic ecosystems, such as water, soil, and atmosphere under which complex sorts of pearls, fishes, corals, mangroves, and billions of other kinds of biotics and antibiotics survive with Allah’s blessings 

How miraculous is it that Allah Has mentioned each of the above-cited elements in the verses of the Qur’an at a time when people were in their dark eras? 

Such a deep reflection can acquaint the observer with Allah’s Mighty, indicating that Allah is the sole One Who Has the absolute authority to bring and actuate blessings, punishments, forgiveness, awards, or reprimand depending on one’s level of goodness or unscrupulousness. His Mercy and His wrath go along with reflections of wrongdoers and righteous ones. In the Qur’an, Allah told us all about the news of the nations that prevailed and then perished. Similarly, He informed us of the lessons to be learned from the cases of Prophets and Messengers, starting from Noah to the Prophet Muhammad, the Trustworthy one who was the Seal of all the Prophets. Thus, we have already 

learned the reactions of the former nations towards the Noble Messages conveyed to them, as well as how the Messengers tolerated their illicit reactions and, consequently, how such disobedient nations and individuals were tormented in life. That is what the verses of the Qur’an confirmed in regards to holding the disbelievers accountable for their felonies and mistreatments as a part of 

their disappointments while offering gardens 

of bliss to the believers as a part of rewarding for their good deeds. 

The Qur’an spoke about the patience of the prophets and the rewards awaiting them for their endurance and sincerity. Allah’s provision and blessings extended to all people, as Allah made clear in the Qur’an. There, the Qur’an told us about the positions of the hypocrites and their reckoning on Judgment Day. It also mentioned the torment in Hell that oppressors will face in the Hereafter by giving warning to the tyrants and criminals. That is what the Magi told about the struggle between good and evil by calling people to work hard for constant self-improvement. 

Allah protects those who work on safety and security while giving warnings to those who oppress other people to bring them into apprehension, corruption, and chaos instead of creating an environment where multi-cultural communities can live in harmony. Thus, people should fight among themselves to become successful and not failures. The success comes where there is justice and mercy. Therefore, it is to spread peace among all people. 

Furthermore, the Qur’an addressed the values of the adornment-based lifestyle, and in relation to greediness, Allah warns people from all forms of antisocial behaviors, such as arrogance and ignorance-based attitudes. There, arrogant persons have no justification for their egotisms after they were given a clear-cut warning and pre-caution means. It addresses signs and premonitions of the Hour. The Message of Islam describes images of volcanoes both in the land and seas as they boiled and rose to 

the sky, openly splitting and producing clear smoke. Allah – the Almighty – described the Day of Resurrection by saying: (When the Sun contracts [and darkens], when the stars lose their light, when the mountains are pulverized, when the pregnant camels are cast aside, when the wild beasts are rounded up when the seas boil and overflow when souls are again paired [with their bodies], when the young girls who were buried alive are asked for what sin they were killed when the records [of deeds] are distributed when the celestial vault disappears when the fire of Hell is fanned, and when Paradise is brought near. At that time will every soul know the result of its deeds” (Qur’an: Al- Takwir (Putting Out the Sun): 1:14). 

In the passages concerning the Day of Resurrection, there are several essential elements that Allah will make people aware of His signs to show them the structures and characteristics of the universe, such as the assortments of Allah’s Creatures and how each one of them survives and reproduces. That means the Messengers invite people to believe in Allah’s unity and follow His signs by listening and obeying what His faithful Messengers convey and have already conveyed to all humans. However, those who misbehave are among the groups of unbelievers who deserve to be punished because Allah drew for the entire mankind a road map with descriptions and instructions. They were required to follow the guidance and lightning as stated in Allah’s Book so that they may sincerely worship Allah and follow His method by adhering to His covenant. That is why every Muslim must obey Allah and follow Allah’s faithful Messenger in dealings with people and avoid practicing horrific and illicit forms of social discrimination. There, a believer must not respect or disrespect people because of their belief, sect, or religion. 

In advance, Allah provided awareness and acquainted people with the truth and taught them how to distinguish right from wrong and how to get the path of the truth by separating falsehoods and wrong information from correct and true information. Thus, everybody can protect himself from all harmful or less harmful sins. That is the clear instruction provided in the Qur’an, which is the one that the righteous people comprehend and practice. 

To protect people from worldly tragedies and punishment on Judgment Day, Allah provided people with the answers to all the questions they would be asked on Reckoning Day. Even though they are standing before the Merciful Allah, the justice is that they must face the consequences of their wrong deeds. Therefore, anyone who ignores or neglects Allah’s warnings, instructions, commands, rules, regulations, and laws of prohibition and forbiddance is subject to punishment. 

In the context of the Qur’an, Allah also advised people to follow specific strategic methods to prepare themselves for contemplation of the norms regarding the answers and wisdom behind Allah’s restrictions. Applying and practicing the best behaviors in all their activities makes a person healthy, wealthy, wise, trustworthy, beloved, and highly respected member of society. In addition to that, those who behave well will be dwelled in Paradise in the Hereafter. That is why everyone must strive to make their behaviors good, better, and the best. They must adhere to Allah’s guidelines and instructions through their 

works and any other activity they may be involved in their daily dealings. People can succeed in the test by striving to practice and promote the best behavior. 

All of the above-cited carry segments of excellent and appropriate news, which makes Allah’s knowledge clear to people. It facilitates and clarifies the awareness of the world in which they live. They will also understand the tricks of those who mislead people, including Satan’s entities of people and devils, as well as the intrigues of an accursed Iblis. These monopolies always seek every means possible to divert people from the straight path by inciting them to commit shameful acts, which may cause them to be inflicted with punishment and torment on Judgment Day. To succeed in that mission, misleaders will keep influencing persons of low vibrations, who turn them away from Allah’s Book. Even though they were ordained to follow only the Noble Qur’an, they intentionally chose to follow the path of hypocrisy and disbelief. They became ungrateful to the grace of the Lord of the Worlds. 

Therefore, it is fair and appropriate to punish those who disobey their Lord’s commands and particles of advice and remain adherent to Allah’s law and method in the verses of the Clear Book and not follow Satan and his unrighteous followers among the children of Adam. They will enjoy a full-scale level of security and peace as to what man will be asked on the Day of Judgment before the Most Merciful Allah about the commandments that Allah Has enjoined believers to follow the verses of the Holy Quran. That is their own interest as it leads them to achieve the most enjoyable eternal life on the Day of Judgment. That is Allah’s reward promised for His obedient who fulfilled their commitment to apply Allah’s law and method prescribed in the Wise Remembrance. 

As for the one who abandons his commitment, which was to implement the commandments of Allah’s law, Allah’s blessings may not be applicable to them. Their method of dealings has not been reflected in that of Allah. Worse is when they conflict with Allah’s guidelines and roadmap, which Allah designed for the best interest of the people. Those who disobey Allah’s Instructions always indulge themselves in Freud and a fictitious lifestyle. By disregarding the right path, they are often involved in criminal activities as a group or at an individual level. There, it is their own doing that dragged them to the dooms of the abyss and hellfire. 

Therefore, a person should be prepared for and maintain consistent self-evaluation by reconsidering his position in applying the pure Islamic system of worshipping. He needs to assess his deeds before the end of his life by ensuring that his behavior is clearly correct while still continuously repenting to his Lord with sincere remorse. He must ask Allah to shower him with His mercy and forgiveness. Once repented, one must never return to the same mistakes that he did remorse, regretted, and refrained from. Practicing such a mistake indicates that the repented person’s adherence is insincere and has not emerged from his deep heart. There, one can realize whether he or she has or has not seriously taken a covenant with Allah, the Almighty. 

The Faithful Messenger conveyed the verses of the Wise Remembrance to people. Subsequently, every Muslim person must 

anticipate that they will be asked certain questions upon Resurrection day while they are standing before Allah’s Court. That is a decree pre-destined by Allah and cannot escape or be reversed by anybody. On that day, nobody will have an intercessor because there will be no mediator who has any form of authority to negotiate with Allah, let alone to give recommendations to somebody. Everybody will rely on his or her work and Allah’s Mercy after he or she comes with a clean and sound heart. On the Day of Judgment, the people will be divided into two groups: Among them is the group of the unbelievers who disobeyed Allah’s commandments and broke their covenant with the Merciful One. Allah says: 

“Those who refused to believe will be herded in groups to Hell, and when they reach it, its gates will be opened, and its guardians will say to them, “Did not Messengers come to them and convey to them the Signs of their Lord, and warn them of the appearance of this Day?” They will reply, “Yes! But [because We denied them] Allah’s plan of punishing the disbelievers will be fulfilled” ((Qur’an: The Successive Groups (Az-Zumar 73). 71). Since we have clarified the status of the disbelievers as well as disbelieving and disobedience, let us know the status of the believers who showed humble obedience. The group of believers who believed in Allah followed His Qur’an, adhered to Allah’s law and method, remained faithful to their covenant with Allah, struggled against the satanic inceptions, became victorious over what Satan whispered in their hearts, and followed the faithful Messenger in what he conveyed to them of the signs of their Lord. Such a successful group could live in tranquility in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah would reward them with gardens and bliss, as Allah, the Almighty, promised them in His saying: (But those who have feared their Lord will be led to Paradise in groups, and when they reach it, its gates will be opened, and its guardian [angels] will say to them: “With you be peace, welcome. Enter therein for all eternity.” (Qur’an: The Successive Groups (Az-Zumar 73). 

Every person should choose between the two paths without coercion and bear the consequences of his decision as long as he is alive and provided with this worldly life. He has not relied on prayer, zakat, reading the Qur’an, or praying to the Prophet millions of times. What Allah expects from man is a practical application in his life by following His law and method and fulfilling Allah’s covenant. Nothing will benefit man on the Day of Judgment except his work along with Allah’s Mercy, as Allah commanded His Messenger (peace be upon him) to convey to people with his tongue the following: “Say to them: “I am but a man to whom it has been revealed that they should worship only God, His only Godhead. Whoever longs to meet his Lord [and may He be pleased], let him do pious deeds and worship none but Him.” (Al-Kahf (The Cave): 110). 

Finally, the pens dried up, the reports/ newspapers were folded, and the people had nothing left but his works in this world, in confirmation of Allah’s words: “Whoever does righteousness will do it for his own benefit, and whoever does wrong will harm himself. Your Lord is not unjust to His servants” (Qur’an: Fussilat (Verses Perfectly Explained): 46).

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