Publication of Message of Islam

Mohammed SH. Hassan, Author & Publisher

The Foundation for the Message of Peace has made a substantial contribution of the publication and production of the most relevant books on Islam. Brother, Ali Mohammed Shurafa Al-Hammadi, A Muslim Thinker and Researcher ( May Allah reward him), has played a significant role in the publications to such a huge distribution to fill the apparent social gap between people and understanding Islam. He wrote the book titled “Message of Islam” in the Arabic language in 2017. Since then the book was translated into 7 different languages namely: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Somali language.

Among his other important books that played a significant role in displaying and spreading the true face of Islam are The Divorce, is destroying the family structure, the Zakat (Charity and goodly Loan), Glimmerings on the Road- Volume Three, The Divine Message Verses the Religious Message, What is the meaning of Sunnah, and many other related articles in English. He is also the author of more than 10 to15 different titles of books in the Arabic language

As the Chinese proverb say, “A journey starts with a mile”. Indeed we have donated a lot of publications about Islam and related subjects within a short time to an uncountable number of humans over the world. To discuss how these books were distributed, below stated is information about our strategies and plans.


We distributed the books by using various avenues and channels. The Most important distribution and publication avenues are as follows:

1. Participating in numerous different book fair events in many parts of the world.

Among the most prominent book fairs are:

Frankfurt Book:

Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest one in the World. There, as usual, we retain one booth for the exhibition of our books and pamphlets. In the last book fair, for instance, to reinforce the value of the book exhibition, our participant team has been in and around the event premise throughout the exhibition period of several years 2020 regardless of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Over the past several years, we succeeded in enabling to freely distribute thousands of books to people of different racial backgrounds and different languages. Another important and huge opportunity is that we, in the past several years, participated in London Book Fair, which is the second-largest book fair in the European countries. We have partaken in several other significant book fairs that took place in Europe such as those of the Gothenburg Book Fair in Sweden, the Geneva International Book Fair, and many other regional events in Europe.

Mixed Pictures from different book fair in events 2018-2020

  • Another Important opportunity that we do not miss was that of the New York Book Exhibition, which is recognized to be the biggest bookfair event in North America.
  • Another successful mission is that we distributed one of our very important publications “The Message of Islam) at the well-organized bookfairs event arranged by the American Library Association (ALA). ALA conducts 2 events every year. We effectively participated in four different events held at different locations; Seattle, Chicago, Washington, and Philadelphia. During that 3-4 days book fair, we established relationships with hundreds of libraries throughout North America. We exchanged contacts with all these acquaints and maintained reciprocal relations with them. Similarly, we met with several libraries stationed in South America. We donated many books to many different libraries that we have met during these events.
  • The conference of Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS), which annually takes place in Toronto, Canada is our favorite event in which we participate and not only distribute the largest number of books but also deeply interact with the participants and administrators. It is the largest conference held annually in Toronto, Canada. From 25 to 30 thousand people, come from various parts of the world, attend this event annually. Thousands of copies of our publications are freely distributed there every year.
  • The Ontario Library Association is also another channel of book distribution that we use to disseminate the Message of Allah, the Almighty. In each event participated, thousands of the Message’s copies fall in the hands of multicultural people who are interested in Islam.
  • Public libraries, as well as academic libraries, are also another important channel to distribute our books. Hundreds of free copies were donated to many different libraries in Europe and North America.
  • Many books were directly shipped and mailed to certain institutions and politicians. Over hundreds of different titles were donated and given to the members of the US Congress as well as congress members in Canada.
  • Cairo International Bookfair is also one of the biggest book fair events in Africa and the Middle. For the past several years, the Foundation for the Message of Peace has been maintained a presence and active participation (under the supervision of Al-Nokhba Publishing house). Thousands of books were freely distributed.
  • Message of Peace Magazine which is a monthly magazine in the Arabic language is printed in Cairo. A large number of important and meaningful articles are published in this journal regularly.
  • Lastly but not least, our delegates participated in many other important Bookfair events such as those of Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco, and lately in Senegal. Thousands of books were freely distributed during the past several years. The foundation is well-represented in Mauritania. The French version of the Al-tanwer Magazine is also printed in Mauritania.
  • Workshops and seminars are among other avenues that we have frequently used.
  • Indeed a huge effort has been made within a short period; thousands of books were freely distributed in many different parts of the world. Finally, we are indebted to congratulate the whole team for this valuable effort. A special thank and gratitude are to our chairman, brother, Ali Mohammed Al-Shorafa for his good leadership. Without his generous financial contribution, many of these tasks could not succeed or become efficient.

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