Prof. Qasim Hersi Farah A Somali Thinker, Chief Editor (Part one)

1443 H. (2020 AND 2021 M.)


The history of mankind has marked that this year, or these two years, has shown the worst and most harmful natural disasters, destructions, depletions, degradations, and deteriorations ever reported in the history of humankind. The

natural disasters that transpired around the world in this year must be unforgotten in history. In this article, I highlight the most distractive catastrophic occurrences of the year 1443 Hijri (Islamic Calendar), which corresponds with 2020/2021, Miladi. Thus, in this theme, when stating ‘this year’, I mean the Hijri calendar. Many of the disgusting discussed disasters are a continuation from the year 2020 but aggravated in 2021. This is the deadliest year to be alive. Almost all kinds of natural and manmade disasters are taking place. Living in half of the year, we have already encountered over 40 deadly disasters plus approximately another 60 semi-deadly disasters. As reported and recorded, the current ongoing disasters that are taking place are unexpected horrific and cruel torments, which are new to the history of humanity. In this theme, I categorize this year’s torments into the scales of lethal, hostile, and inimical calamities. To begin by deliberating them into groups, I clustered each of the above three scales into harmful, harming, and less harming. To list them, below stated are the ongoing but unexpected natural disasters:

1. Coronavirus-19, 2. Complex types of Bushfires/Forest fires or uncontrollable Wildfires, 3. Earthquakes, 4. Several types of Floods; Assam Flood, flash floods, river floods, groundwater floods, coastal floods, urban floods, pluvial floods, El Nino, mudslide, and even some other types of unidentified floods, 5. Volcano, 6. Tornado, 7. Cyclone Amphan, 8. Green Snow, 9. Swarms of Locusts, 10. Lice, 11. Bedbugs, 12. Cockroaches, 13. Civil Wars, 14. Neighborly States’ Warfare, 15. Terrorist Explosions, 16. Pet’s Unanimous Syndrome, and more. Here, is some spontaneous occurrences in the first part of 2021:

  1. 2021 Persian Gulf crisis
  2. 2021 Middle East Tensions
  3. 2021 Israel versus Philistines Crisis
  4. 2021 China–India skirmishes
  5. 2021 Ethiopia’s Internal Civil war over power grappling
  6. 2021 Ethiopian vs. Sudanese conflict over a land dispute
  7. 2021 Western Saharan clashes
  8. 2021 Armenia vs. Azerbaijan deadly conflict over border disputes
  9. 2021 Jersey dispute
  10. 2021 Kalay clashes
  11. 2021 Kyrgyzstan–Tajikistan clashes
  12. 2021 Megab massacre
  13. 2021 Mogadishu mutiny
  14. 2021 Horingu massacre by Myanmar
  15. 2021 Myanmar deadly protests
  16. 2021 Selekhlekha massacre
  17. 2021 Shire massacre
  18. 2021 South African unrest and ransacking missions
  19. 2021 Wukro Maray massacres
  20. 2021 Adwa massacre
  21. 2021 May Kado massacre
  22. 2021 Armenian severe political crisis
  23. 2021 Brazilian deadly protests
  24. 2021 Conflict in Rakhine State re- escalated
  25. 2021 Darfur clashes
  26. 2021 Attacks and counter-attacks of the insurgents, local terrorists, rag- thugs, baseless rebels, and many other unorganized groups of instability militants are on the rise:
  27. Addi Berik massacre
  28. Addi Esher massacre
  29. Addi Gabat massacre
  30. Adi Hageray massacre
  31. Adi Hutsa massacre
  32. Adi Shegla massacre
  33. Afar–Somali clashes
  34. Anglophone Crisis
  35. Awulo massacre
  36. Ba’ati Akor massacre
  37. Bangladesh Floods and torturing winds.
  38. Barkhane’s nasty Operation
  39. Battle of Humera
  40. Benishangul-Gumuz conflict
  41. Berezba massacre
  42. Boko Haram insurgency
  43. Bombing of Wukro
  44. Bora massacre
  45. Central African Republic Civil War
  46. Chamela massacre
  47. Chelena massacre
  48. Clash at Thaw Le Hta
  49. ColdSnap and Flurry floods in South America
  50. 2021 Distractive Draughts
  51. 2021 Datu Paglas market occupation
  52. 2021Debano massacre
  53. 2021 Debre Abbay massacre
  54. 2021 Debre Genet massacre
  55. 2021 Donbas Timeline of the war failed
  56. 2021 Endabano massacre
  57. 2021 Erbil rocket attacks
  58. 2021 Ethiopian civil conflict
  59. February 2021 Adwa massacre
  60. February 2021 Hawzen massacre
  61. February 2021 Saharti-Samre massacres
  62. February 2021 Wukro massacre
  63. 2021 Finarwa massacre
  64. 2021 First Addi Geba massacre
  65. 2021 Farisi Ram Storm
  66. Flash Floods caused by typhoons
  67. France series of deadly mass protests in approximately 200 cities
  68. 2021 Gira Aras massacre
  69. 2021 Grizana massacre
  70. 2021 Guh massacre
  71. 2021 Gulsha massacre
  72. 2021 Greek Floods and typhoons
  73. 2021 Groundwater discharge in South America
  74. 2021 Hail in Lyon, France, Sweden, Germany – Barline, Greek, Hungary
  75. 2021 Haiti President was assassinated
  76. 2021 Haze in many parts of Asia
  77. 2021 Houthi–Saudi Arabian conflict re-escalated
  78. 2021 Kenya’s Nonstop Unlawful Bombardment of the Gedo Region of Somalia
  79. 2021 International Organizations and the United Nations are debilitating.
  80. 2021 Mali President was killed while fighting as a foot soldier
  81. 2021 Mercenaries and Freelance fighters increased in many countries; Libya, Yemen, Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Gambia, and others.
  82. 2021 Sudden Storm in Gansu
  83. 2021 Landslide, fire, flood, typhoon, and harsh winds in Turkey, Greek, Romania, Sypris
  84. 2021 Tornado in Vancouver – Canada, California – USA, Greek,
  85. 2021 Haze in many parts of Asia 86. 2021 Rockets and Rocks fall in
  86. Himachal, Prodeesa, and several other places
Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

A. Coronavirus –Covid-19:

No doubt that “Coronavirus is a Cruel Messenger”. God sent numerous Messengers with mercy, love, tendency, affection, justice, and prosperity. Yet, people are arrogant, in denial, forgetful, careless, greedy, opportunistic, merciless, and cruel by taking advantage of Allah’s plenteous provisions and mercy. Hence, it is time to send the “Cruel Messenger” by the Creator. That is why this virus is a direct sign of Allah’s wrath upon the people of this generation. Environmentalists harangue that Coronavirus is nothing but nature’s reaction of self-defense and revenge from the people who polluted and excessively exploited the mother Gaia’s natural resources. Initially, people were discussing whether the virus is a manmade phenomenon or a natural disease. Many educated (as well as uneducated) people, including medical doctors, argued that this is a part of the dirty political games played by the Western World to eliminate or reduce the poor, the seniors, the sick, and certain races of humans whom they deem to be a burden to the world economically, politically, or socially. However, the argument became pathetic and childish tête-à-têtes, when the reality of the virus became explicit. That is when people realized that the virus’s operation is systematically based on justice, equality, equity, and straightforwardness.

Global scientific researches were excessively conducted, and among them is that conducted by Muslim Doctoral students in China , which concludes that “the subgroups of coronaviruses family are alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ) and delta (δ) coronavirus. The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), H5N1 influenza A, H1N1 2009, and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) cause acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) which leads to pulmonary failure and result in a fatality”. Coronavirus, unlike the modern weapons of mass distractions, drawn bombardments, terrorists’ explosions, civil wars, impoverishments, economic sanctions, political boycotts, and any other form of manmade disaster does not target people indiscriminately based on a subjective selection, but rather are based on a randomly objective selection. It does not target certain individuals, families, races, economic classes of people, believers of certain faiths, or agnostics. Similarly, it does not give a special status and immunity to kings, presidents, princes, prime ministers, dignitaries, affluent persons, educated persons, and skill- full individuals. Instead, Coronavirus affects individuals of both rich and poor, ruler and ruled, legendary and unknown, respected and disrespected, pious and non-pious, men and women, black and white, as well as Africans and Americans at an equal basis. This pattern demonstrates that the virus is one of Allah’s strong soldiers. Allah says: “And to Allah belong the soldiers of the heavens and the earth. And ever is Allah Exalted in Might and Wise”. Allah also says: “And none knows the forces/soldiers of your Lord except He (Allah)”. In this context, it is worth mentioning that one of the most truthful statements of the prophetic traditions (hadith) states: “immorality does not appear among a society until they publicize it and become proud of it, except that plagues and mysterious ailments, which did not happen to generations before them, spread among them”. Whether this statement was heard from the Messenger of Allah or not it is prophesizing wisdom. Similarly, whether the Coronavirus is a manmade conspiracy developed in a laboratory or not it is an explicit punishment sent by Allah to this generation to discipline them. Allah says: “Whatever affliction befalls you is because of what your own hands have committed. And He pardons much” . In short, besides the death toll of 4.5 million people to this date , most of those who survived live with depression, anxiety, stress, restlessness, hopelessness, and more. They are in a critical health situation due to nearly two years of mandated confinements and business lockdowns. The Virus has been detaining everyone at the edge of their beds, waiting for an exit. Besides Coronavirus, which is a disheartening stigma, there are frequent major natural disasters, of which some are:

1. Bushfires and Forest Fires:

These fires have affected the wealthiest countries in the world; Australia, the USA, UK, Canada, Turkey, Greek, Germany, and others. This year’s bushfires were deemed as the worst natural disasters. The extent of their damage ranged from the death of hundreds of people, millions of people evacuated, billions of hectares burned down, millions of buildings and homes destroyed to the ash.

Floods and El-Ninos

2. Floods and El-Ninos:

These floods consisted of heavy downpours, rivers overflow, migrated waters, and groundwater discharges that badly affected many countries; Indonesia, Pakistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and others. They caused the death of hundreds of people, the death of thousands of livestock heads, the displacement of millions of people, the distruction of billions of hectares of farms and forests.

3. Volcano:

Volcano covered many parts of the world; European, Asian, African, and American states such as the Philippines, where, in its first hit, a large amount of ash dust was emitted and forced authorities to evacuate over 8,000 people close by and 3,00,000 people overall. This type of volcano was named Taal Volcano, and its likeness erupted 43 years ago

4. Earthquakes:

Various types of Earthquakes occurred in China, India, Iran, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, The Caribbean states, Far-East Asia, and others “45 major earthquakes have been categorized over 6 degrees on the Richter scale. Jamaica and Russia faced earthquakes with a reading of over 7 magnitudes and were symbolically the worst-hit countries” An earthquake in Turkey was responsible for 41 deaths.

5. Swarms of Locusts:

Swarms of Locusts badly affected Far East Asia, East Africa (mainly Somalia and Ethiopia), India, Middle East, and many other countries. Desert Locusts are migratory pests that can eat as much food as the amount 35,000 people can

eat. They feed on crops and have the power to destroy crops within seconds. Moreover, they breed rapidly and almost 150 million of these pests can exist in a 1 square kilometer area . Being called one of the worst pest attacks in almost 26 years, it is being said that the sudden increase of these locusts has occurred due to a change in the climate. The increase in temperature has made it possible for breeding to happen while also making it habitable.

In certain parts of the world where people love and take care of domestic pets, mainly cats and dogs, Allah’s trial reached even their pets . On August 5, 2021, BBC News broadcasted that over 330 cats died in the United Kingdom from a mysterious illness.


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